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Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning Fourways

We specialise in deep mattresses cleaning fourways following bed-wetting accidents, dust mites removed for allergy sufferers and general mattress cleans.

We specialize in professional deep mattress cleaning in Fourways and our services are used by numerous residential and commercial customers like hotels and hospitals.

All our clients are assured to receive the following quality service:

✓ Complete Mattress Sanitation – our high-class cleaning equipment utilizes the so called Deep Steam Cleaning with Extraction – as the name of the method suggests, the steam penetrates deep into the body of the mattress, so all bacteria and allergens are terminated and extracted by the powerful motors of the machine, so the mattress is left completely sanitized and fresh;

✓ Urine, blood and General Staining Removal – perfect for families with small children and pets – thanks to the professional 100% Eco-friendly cleaning solutions we are able to efficiently
remove hard stains from your mattress;

✓ Anti Bedbug Treatment – due to the outstanding power of the professional machines we use, the water-detergent mixture is getting heated up to 120°C and sprayed into the material
under high pressure – this combination is lethal for all bacteria, germs and bed bug mites;

✓ Odor treatments – The efficiency of our service is unrivaled – MKK Cleaning Services guarantees the complete removal of kinds of stench that could originate from your mattress! We
guarantee that after our visit your mattress will smell like a brand-new one;

Same Day Mattress Cleaning Fourways

MKK Cleaning Services offers the mattress deep steam cleaning and sanitation service to all Johannesburg residents and businesses! We guarantee the complete elimination of noxious smells, heavy staining and full sanitizing from bed bugs, bacteria and germs! We not only clean, but sanitise your items with long lasting benefits utilising best leading products and professional services killing 99.8% of germs.

At MKK Cleaning, we work with the latest technology in order to help you keep your home clean and healthy. Our mattress cleaning fourways services consists of pre-cleaning and treating the mattress by vacuuming and applying a pretreatment solution onto it. The solution will penetrate into the mattress’ fibers and help loosen dirt and debris as well as eliminate mites, bacteria and fungus. Then, we will steam clean your mattress using and remove any removable spots and stains. After we have finished, you will rest assured that you have a completely clean, healthy and disinfected mattress to sleep on.

Mattress Cleaner Near Me

Can you see now the importance of keeping your mattress regularly clean? Contact us today for an obligation free quote and go back to sleeping on a healthy mattress again.MKK Cleaning specialises in urine mattress cleaning Urine.Special deals when more than one service is booked.

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