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House Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Services

What we do for House Cleaning Services?

Regular Domestic Cleaning

  • Dusting, Mopping, Vacuuming Surfaces & Carpets
  • Surfaces of Bathrooms and kitchen
  • Minimum 4 hours
  • Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly

Once off Spring Cleaning

  • Deep Clean of all internal areas
  • Oven, range hood, windows,
  • Grout Cleaning, Remove Calcium buildup
  • Flexible time according to your budget


Others Cleaning

  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Tiles and Grout Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Fixed price for these add on

We provide fixed time and comprehensive house cleaning services. We can work directly per your instructions or we can do a light surfaces cleaning and general tidy up. We offer competitive quotes and our experienced cleaners will refresh your property and work diligently to meet your requirements.

When cleaning the laundry we include any additional toilet in the laundry room. If there is a dryer, it can often spray all the lint over the surfaces and is very difficult to clean away properly, so we pay special attention to the walls and surrounding areas to check for any dust or lint build up.

We wash out the laundry trough and clean behind the washing machine where possible. We clean each bedroom thoroughly including the light and light switches, any ceiling fan, the windows and sills, we clean the skirting and walls as well. Where possible we move furniture to clean behind them as dust often builds up behind furniture that isn’t moved very often. Our cleaning process will help to make your home more hygienic and less susceptible to bacteria and other germs.

Regular Domestic Cleaning for Your House

Houses in Gauteng often have well used lounge and family rooms. The high use of these rooms means there can be an increased buildup of dirt and other undesirable filth. We can have a team of cleaners that work in different rooms at once and our lounge and family room cleaning specialist knows where to look for the dirt and how to most efficiently clean up the rooms. Our cleaners can provide comprehensive cleaning services so that all parts of the rooms are cleaned from top to bottom.

We make sure we vacuum any carpet and sweep and mop all other floors. We check and clean the front and rear entrances and clean for maximum affect. We can also sweep out your carport or garage and remove any cobwebs. We can even wash down any garage doors and clean the lights, light switches and door.

House Cleaning Services

Once Off Deep Cleaning for Your House

Our house cleaning Services in Sandton, Pretoria, Roodepoort,Randburg ,Alberton and Centurion can be for an end of lease for your vacated property. We provide end of lease cleaning for houses, apartments and townhouses. For end of lease cleaning in Johannesburg the house is often empty prior to our arrival which allows us to carry out your end of lease cleaning with ease and efficiency.

Our vacate house cleaning service is available on request for a one off clean. The house may be vacated for a number of reasons and now that it is empty you need a specialist vacate cleaning service. Johannesburg Home Cleaners can provide this service without any fuss and make it easy to secure a booking.

We provide comprehensive house cleaning in Gauteng. Our house cleaning service is the envy of other cleaning services.When considering which home cleaning service to use, we recommend you give some thought to how MKK Home Cleaners can assist you.We find customers in Gauteng are discerning and are looking for a quality service they can rely on.

Deep Cleaning Services Johannesburg and Pretoria

We cater to all sorts of requests and are able to carry out all reasonable instructions. We work hard to provide value for money because we know you work hard to earn your money. We provide honest information upfront and make you fully aware of what we are able to provide, and how we can provide our service to you.

Customers in Johannesburg and Pretoria can use our house cleaning service for a spring clean of their home. We can arrange a convenient time to come to your house and start a full spring clean. A spring clean includes quite a few aspects like a deep cleaning of your kitchen and bathroom, removing all contents from cupboards, cleaning thoroughly and placing the items back. Off course we work to your instructions, so if you don’t need the inside of your cupboards cleaned we won’t clean them.

When cleaning the bathroom we take into consideration the whole room and look at cleaning all the wall tiles, window and sill. We clean carefully around the taps and spout to remove any build up calcium and moult. We clean the sink and drain so that it becomes shiny again. We plan how to clean the shower and use special cleaning agents to make light work of shower scum. Cleaning the glass in a shower is an arduous task and we take it seriously knowing we need to dedicate time to scrub out the shower to try and bring it back to life.

Domestic Cleaning Services Sandton

Cleaning end of lease rental properties is one of our specialties. We satisfy customer’s expectations daily while carrying out end of lease cleaning throughout Sandton. If you would like to arrange cleaning that is easy efficient and professional, please contact us today.We are fully equipped with all necessary equipment and cleaning agents to make easy work of dirty rental properties no matter how large or how dirty they are. Our experience and skills will solve any cleaning problem quickly and efficiently.

Our domestic cleaning services include oven cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, bedroom cleaning, light and vent cleaning  and window cleaning etc. We are honest and upfront and most importantly keep our appointments and bookings so you can rely on us to arrive on time to start the work. We issue a professional receipt upon completion.

Home Spring Cleaning

We also specialise in one-off domestic house cleaning or home spring cleaning. We have the time and expertise to efficiently and safely clean your home. Our services includes spring cleaning for homes throughout the Gauteng. It may be that you have put off the cleaning for so long the job has become daunting to do it yourself, or, you might be expecting family or friends and want to show off your clean house but haven’t the time to clean it yourself.

During family day, it is highly recommended for you to leave all the cleaning chores for MKK Home Cleaners so you can enjoy the day with your family. It will be a hectic moment if you plan to clean your home by yourself, so why not enjoy your day by just hiring us!