Curtain Cleaning Fourways

Curtain Cleaning Fourways

At MKK Curtain Cleaning Fourways we understand how much of a difference clean and fresh curtains make to a home. In order to help you revitalize your curtains, we offer an on-site steam curtain cleaning.

We use a gentle curtain cleaning specific solution that will then be washed out by our high tech steam cleaning machine. At a low psi level. Ensuring your curtains are clean, sanitised and deodorized when you come back home. This gentle, but effective cleaning process will easily remove dust, mould, mildew and stains while maintaining your curtains original colour and shape for months to come.

Curtain Cleaners Fourways

When was the last time your curtains and drapes were professionally cleaned? Dust mites live in curtains and will be removed along with household grime, dust and odours when you enlist curtain cleaners Fourways to rejuvenate your curtains or drapes.

If you’re longing for freshly clean curtains or drapes you will be surprised at how quickly the MKK Cleaning team of professional cleaners can make your curtains look as good as new.

The MKK professional curtain cleaning company knows that fresh curtains and drapes make all the difference in your home. MKK’s local curtain cleaners and drapery cleaning service always provide the best curtain cleaning service when it comes to rejuvenating your curtains, with dedication to going the extra mile in making sure the final result is nothing short of spectacular.

Using a gentle-yet-effective ultrasonic clean curtain solution, MKK Cleaning on-site curtain, blinds and drapery cleaning service will clean, sanitise and deodorise your window furnishings to the highest quality.

curtain cleaning fourways

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MKK Cleaning’s environmentally-friendly ultrasonic curtain cleaning solution will also make sure that there’s no shrinkage or colour loss in your curtains, especially for rubber-backed curtains which can be nearly impossible to clean!

Please note:

  • Not all curtains and drapes can be cleaned on-site.
  • It may be necessary for MKK local curtain cleaners to remove the curtains for cleaning back at their factory. On return, the MKK Cleaning team will ensure that your curtains are re-installed carefully and correctly.

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